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DIY Water Filter kit only 95!
Normal price £125

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Other available types

Heavy Metal System (lead removal)
Normal price £135

Special price £119.95

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Fluoride Removal System
Normal price £135

Special price £119.95

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Filter System NOW!


Pure123 Water Filter Purifier
The Pure123 Under Sink Water Filter system protects you and your family from the bacteria that isn't removed by many water treatment plants. The filter removes bacteria, lead, mercury and other heavy metals.    More details...>>

  • Deluxe Drinking Water System
  • Single quick-change cartridge
  • Includes Full fitting instructions
  • Removes sediment and odour
  • Improved water taste
  • Removes heavy metals, chlorine & bacteria
  • Long lasting cartridge

The Pure123 System uses a technically advanced carbon filtration technique to effectively remove traces of bad taste, colour and odour from your water supply without changing the natural balance of the water . The treated water is simply drawn through the filter system to bring you fresh clear tasting water. It can even be fitted to a caravan or motor home.

Replacement Filters
We stock a large range of filters which remove heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury and other water contaminates.
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Domestic Under Sink Water Filter Systems

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